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Blockchain is influencing the market like nothing else did. With its usage in real world ranging from simple banking services to integration with advanced technologies like IOT, AI, cloud etc. In this area, Socius has forked a Blockchain ledger framework from Microsoft’s Azure platform and Coco Framework. It leverages a combination of trusted execution environments, advanced cryptography and innovative Blockchain-focused cons

Our system is a distributed network of trusted validating nodes (VN), where the VNs are decomposed into several logical sub-components, which work similar in function to the mining nodes in a public Blockchain. At its core, our framework provides:


A consistent, distributed, persistent stores that is replicated across TEEs (Trusted Execution Environment).
Arbitrary confidentiality models with easy-to-use primitives.
A codified governance model to support arbitrary, distributed policy management.
A secure node-to-node and application-to-node communication.

UCAT is a more than just a cryptocurrency or a distributed ledger, it is peace of mind for anyone that takes their business serious and wants what is best for the business 100% of the time. The business logic behind UCAT was crafted by individuals that have intimate understanding of contract & business law, intellectual property law, mergers & acquisitions, accounting, finance, business operations, logistics, blockchain, distributed ledgers, ERP systems, and traditional web development. UCAT’s distributed ledgers will be able to accept data from any existing blockchain or ledger using side chains so that there will be no need for a third party or middle man to deal with. In short, UCAT is the decentralized business model of the future

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